Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Hub Bicycle Museum at Chiang Khong

If you're traveling to Laos. Through Chiang Khong, Thailand. I suggest that while all the rest backpacker. Do something to connect through the Chiang Khong border. Try to visit here. The Hub Bicycle Museum is the British owner from Liverpool.

If you love the bike should not miss. Mr. Alan bate as a British bike racing world famous. He loved Thailand Married to Thai. And choose live to Chiang Khong is a small town.

Bicycle Museum. Alan, you named The Hub updates from a wooden house. Museum start up five years ago, Alan has started. Till now I do decorative items and so on. Within a generation from a small bike. And to the large version. An old to new generations. Cycling is a strange to see. As their single-wheel bike folding bike to use your fields and Alan himself put on show. As a source of learning. For bike lovers like them.

Try sitting in the toilet museum. Decoration is very likely to sit. Bike some cars I 150 years old. Many bike already on World War II. Alan, you not only love bikes. But he is a world-class cyclists. About England's top four.

The living room has a corner at affordable beer or cool drink.

Open from 10 am to midnight. Closed Wednesday.

Address: The Hub Bicycle Museum 172 Moo 8, Wiang, Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet Banana tried to eaten will not stop

Sweet Banana has called for a snack highly popular in Thailand. If anyone tried to eaten. Will not stop. I had the opportunity to visit the How to do sweet banana at Samut Songkhram Province. Made in the midst of coconut groves.

Tai Pune is a brand sweet banana here.

Wooden saxophone at Chiang Rai

I met a saxophone made of wood at Chiang Rai night bazaar. It is pretty much a little bad that I do not blow it. Try to walk to Chiang Rai night bazaar you may find it. And it is not expensive. When compared with normal saxophone. sound is good. important! It is lovely so much.

Chiang Rai night bazaar open evening Friday - Sunday only. in down town Chiang Rai

Charom containers from Leaves (packaging)

Charom as containers of weaving Sometimes woven from bamboo or Leaves are sometimes used to weave. It is a way to do that very interesting and remarkable. Usually you can use Charom carry up to many thing like a packaging. We saw one young man weaving Caeoam quickly. And it is made from coconut leaves. When finished. Can be encapsulated fruit or a small jar see in the picture ... in sales of only 15 baht only.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Map of Sukhothai Historic Park

Map of Sukhothai Historic Park , This map shows the old Town of Sukhothai

Tour Mini light and Sound Sukhothai 2010

Sadoodta Team have a opportunities go out Mini light and Sound Sukhothai 2010 , Once a month ago. We have pictures for you. So that next year is anyone interested to go there. Each show can accommodate viewing around 250 to 300 people. Show Narrative history of Sukhothai

Show held in Sa Si temple. Important historic site is located on a large island in the middle of water. This event is held every first Saturday of the month. By the Northern Division of Marketing. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in cooperation with the Association of Tourism Sukhothai This was held up for 2 years, and held an activity called the attention of quite a lot of tourists. Especially foreigners.

In this year (2010). Remaining three times more performance together was Oct. 2 , 6 Nov. and 4 Dec. 2010 call to book the same contact number (66) 055-613234 Sukhothai Tourism Association.

Adventure trip Mountain pavilion (khao-kra-jom เขากระโจม)

From an altitude of 1045 meters above sea level. He became the point view sun rise, which are very popular because of near Bangkok Just more than hundred kilometer Less than two hundred kilometer. His car to the top view will be a 4x4 WD vehicles only because of the relatively difficult Requires the ability to drive alot.

The Top, Tent can be. have bathroom

Mountain pavilion (khao-kra-jom เขากระโจม) 80 km away from downtown is the highest mountain in SuanPung Ratchaburi Province, about 1045 meters above sea level. A common condition which is high in a mountain forest. The total forest area like the North of Thailand. A major peak on the Thai border with Burma. A square for extended camping tents can watch the scenery around.

man dragged the rickshaw

No longer in Thailand man dragged the rickshaw. But in some areas. Have conservation. This type of the car (rickshaw). Tourists can see and touch each other. This image taken on the old market Nakhonpathom Province attractions (Bang-Loung market). That has been identified as the Old Market. In the past, the glory. A lot of current trade if we go here it will find many valuable antiques. Food like many things. Was used as the filming of a soap opera. In the scene with the old market.

Noodle Pad street food in Khao San Road

in Khao San Road have Shopping Cart The sell Noodle Pad multi-point , you can buy and walking eat casual style street food which is popular to eat both Thais and foreigners.

Several noodle line to choose from. see in picture

You can select the season by choose many sauce. Sugar, Cayenne pepper, Fish sauce, nuts and etc.

Train! Be careful ... Ta-lad Rom-Hub (ตลาดร่มหุบ)

in Samutsongkhram (Sa Mut Song Khram) province. Popular tourist photography. With excitement. During the train ran through the Mae-Klong station. And off from Mae-Klong station. The train will be ran through the middle of the market we will see people shop store store sunshade umbrella. As a way of life. For tourists, then this is exciting images.
in Thailand we call this place Ta-lad Rom-Hub (ตลาดร่มหุบ) , TA-LAD is mean Market , Rom-Hub is Folding umbrella

The idea is to introduce the 9:00 pm visit the market.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gold Elephant at Chawsamphraya National Museum

Some Things to see gold elephants dig from the Chamber of the Praprang Wat Ratchaburana at Ayuttaya it very interesting. Because it as treasure trove. Filled with gold Part missing as thieves and the rest were kept well at Chawsamphraya National Museum at Ayuttaya properties of these aesthetic Ayutthaya 15th century AD.

P.S.Can't take photos in the museum. However, we ask permission already.

Chawsamphraya National Museum
Address : Rojana road,Tumbol Pratuchai Amphoe Phranakhon Si Ayuttaya,Phranakhon Si Ayuttaya 13000, THAILAND

Tel : Fax.:035 - 241587

Museum Hours : 09.00 am- 16.00 pm
Open: Wednesday - Sunday
Closed: Monday -Tuesday and National Holidays

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ampawa Floating market

This Picture is Ampawa Floating market in Thailand , It is Amphawa (Samut Songkhram province). The subject of eating. Most popular tourist to come to know find anything to eat here On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays ... the market open only on Friday evening until Sunday only

I would recommend visit the boat life. In the Mae Klong River. It is very interesting. Amphawa Floating market far form Bangkok 80 kilometers away only.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shadow puppet (Nang Yai) Wat Kanon

Shadow puppet (Nang Yai) Wat Kanon is a museum in the six outstanding community of the world. Effective conservation in the rehabilitation of cultural heritage abstract by UNESCO (UNESCO) in 2006 Thailand's cultural treasure.

Which has been hailed as showing high and mental karma mechanic jobs delicate beauty. All the 313 Piece on the Wat Kanon is preserved at the temple and watch the same show interesting to watch each other at Ratchaburi Open daily.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Huai Kha Khaeng this rainy season

Huai Kha Khaeng this rainy season. More moist and fresh air as possible. We sniff out good. Like this in the morning. Do not have a choke myself to wake up like in Bangkok. It is because of good weather. I was not very fresh. .. Equation with a natural world heritage site and is Thailand's first World Heritage Site with Is also an abundance of forests. With vegetation. And many wild animals. Many beautiful birds flying together to delve cross out. ... This feeling of youth camp. The Tourism Authority of Thailand took place more than 50 students from 11 institutions who come to learn the nature of one of the greatest. Forest West in Thailand

Suanpung Resort , ROMANTIC with stone house

This romantic Place Suanpung Resort , I have to resort visitors with eye-catching. Lovely romantic filling. Accommodation to the traditional stone "Man" cartoon Flintstone. Although it just opened recently. But also the attention of tourists as much.

Suanpung Resort
TEL. (66)085-666-6866 , (66)032-711-046
FAX. (66)032-711-047
Email :
เว็บไซต์ :