Thursday, September 23, 2010

Adventure trip Mountain pavilion (khao-kra-jom เขากระโจม)

From an altitude of 1045 meters above sea level. He became the point view sun rise, which are very popular because of near Bangkok Just more than hundred kilometer Less than two hundred kilometer. His car to the top view will be a 4x4 WD vehicles only because of the relatively difficult Requires the ability to drive alot.

The Top, Tent can be. have bathroom

Mountain pavilion (khao-kra-jom เขากระโจม) 80 km away from downtown is the highest mountain in SuanPung Ratchaburi Province, about 1045 meters above sea level. A common condition which is high in a mountain forest. The total forest area like the North of Thailand. A major peak on the Thai border with Burma. A square for extended camping tents can watch the scenery around.