Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Hub Bicycle Museum at Chiang Khong

If you're traveling to Laos. Through Chiang Khong, Thailand. I suggest that while all the rest backpacker. Do something to connect through the Chiang Khong border. Try to visit here. The Hub Bicycle Museum is the British owner from Liverpool.

If you love the bike should not miss. Mr. Alan bate as a British bike racing world famous. He loved Thailand Married to Thai. And choose live to Chiang Khong is a small town.

Bicycle Museum. Alan, you named The Hub updates from a wooden house. Museum start up five years ago, Alan has started. Till now I do decorative items and so on. Within a generation from a small bike. And to the large version. An old to new generations. Cycling is a strange to see. As their single-wheel bike folding bike to use your fields and Alan himself put on show. As a source of learning. For bike lovers like them.

Try sitting in the toilet museum. Decoration is very likely to sit. Bike some cars I 150 years old. Many bike already on World War II. Alan, you not only love bikes. But he is a world-class cyclists. About England's top four.

The living room has a corner at affordable beer or cool drink.

Open from 10 am to midnight. Closed Wednesday.

Address: The Hub Bicycle Museum 172 Moo 8, Wiang, Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai.

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