Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gold Elephant at Chawsamphraya National Museum

Some Things to see gold elephants dig from the Chamber of the Praprang Wat Ratchaburana at Ayuttaya it very interesting. Because it as treasure trove. Filled with gold Part missing as thieves and the rest were kept well at Chawsamphraya National Museum at Ayuttaya properties of these aesthetic Ayutthaya 15th century AD.

P.S.Can't take photos in the museum. However, we ask permission already.

Chawsamphraya National Museum
Address : Rojana road,Tumbol Pratuchai Amphoe Phranakhon Si Ayuttaya,Phranakhon Si Ayuttaya 13000, THAILAND

Tel : Fax.:035 - 241587

Museum Hours : 09.00 am- 16.00 pm
Open: Wednesday - Sunday
Closed: Monday -Tuesday and National Holidays

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